Friday, 16 July 2010

Friday I'm in Love

Here's a happy Friday, full of promise, possibility and fish. I love to eat fish on fridays, it's light, fresh and so healthy. For tired eyes, Friday brings rest, for the bushy tailed, exciting plans unfold. The Cure cooed, Friday I’m in love, and when I hear that song it's difficult for me not to smile. The word Friday comes from the Latin dies Veneris, “day of Venus”, which after the Moon is the brightest light in the night sky. Friday is indeed like a lighthouse on a misty night, a happy warming feeling comes on fridays. Woohoo its Friday!

The Venus joy doesn't end there, an Italian goddess of much mystery shares the name, her charm and beauty apparently helped  her keep a watchful eye over vegetable gardens, female gardeners are an ancient wonder then? Wonderful. Another man ahead of his time, the great Oscar Wilde was never short of words of wisdom, I love this quote,
"After a good dinner one can forgive anybody, even one's own relatives."
There is a pinch of fun and an ounce or two of great truth here, happy tummies do make for good company. Cooking is an expression of love, sure we need to eat, though how we eat and who we eat with says so much. I'd like to share some thoughts;
Friends sometimes ask me, what's the perfect meal to cook for the one you love? What are the secret ingredients to tempt the taste buds, without a singe or burn in sight. It's difficult, nigh impossible to give an exact recipe. Instead, I offer some food for thought, a good place to begin, consider who you're cooking for, what are their favourite foods? What don't they like? Also what time of year is it? Then like a good soup, let these thoughts simmer for a while. After which choose simple, seasonal and wholesome foods, the fresher the better. And be prepared to handle the unexpected, the kitchen is a magical place, sometimes what we set out to cook changes along the way, and this is all part of the fun. If something doesn't turn out the way you'd hoped, worry not, instead have a back up plan, a platter of cold meats, pickles, grapes and cheeses are happy rescuers, its nice to have choices. However, above all, numero uno point in fact, is that you enjoy cooking, this is so important. Whoever you're cooking for, would rather a happy host than a haggard and stressed out wreck. So relax and think prep, prep, prep. Takeaway the stress by breaking things up into manageable tasks, it makes much more sense and will mean you can spend more time getting ready, the whole experience will feel effortless. 
As its friday, and summertime, everything's in bloom, mackerel are dizzying in shimmering glory, so here's a lovely fish starter to do the day before! It serves 6 as a starter, though keeps for three days. This tangy and refreshing wonder needs chilling time, so the good news is you can too! Enjoy this starter, they'll be a lovely prepare ahead dessert swimming your way soon! And then a lovely wow wow main to do just before you eat. Happy weekend. 




smoked mackerel fillets 250g, skinned and flaked
garlic and chive philidelphia, 250g
lemon, 1 juiced
dill, small bunch roughly chopped
spring onions, 2 finely chopped
Italian seasoning 1 tsp


gooseberries, 200g topped and tailed
sweet freedom, 1 tbsp
gelatine leaves, 2 soaked for five mins
apple juice 75ml

MIX the pate ingredients in a large bowl.
HEAT gooseberries, apple juice and sweet freedom in a medium pan for five minutes.
STIR in gelatine leaves into warmed gooseberries.
SPOON pate into ramekins and smooth with the back of a spoon.
POUR over the gooseberries and juice evenly.
COVER with cling film.
CHILL in the fridge for a couple of hours or overnight.
ENJOY, have a lovely friday!


  1. Hi Sinead, love the blog, love the name, brings back some memories of fun Friday's in the Marquee!!;-) Sorry I missed this on Friday, will save it for next Friday, when I have a bit more time. If u have anymore quick mid-week dishes I will be more than willing to try them out this week:-) Think I'll have a go at that chorizo pasta again too- that was a winner!!!!
    Take care speak soon Ang xxx

  2. Love you Angie. One is on its way, an old school supper! xxx


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