Friday, 27 July 2012

Summer is going Papaya

Creamy, cooling and decadent, this fool is no fool on the fuel front! Gluten-free, dairy-free and totally delicious, summer seems like the perfect time to enjoy this Papaya lime fool. So lithe, its lime light and refreshing, few will be able to resist the charms of this pud. The recipe is refreshingly rejuvenating and the list of ingredients are simple to source. 

Desserts like these may be easily adapted to make the most of seasonal fruits. Though in the current heat wave, tropical fruit seems to hit the spot better than fellow berries. Needless to say, my baby boy loves his blueberries more than his cubed papaya pieces. One can’t please everyone, and nor should we try. Choose your favourite fruit, though I urge you to give papaya a whirl. 


Its gently sweet nutty flavour is lifted lovingly by the tart lime, which is only hinted at, papaya is the star of this fool.

I added a little ground cinnamon and vanilla extract, which brings an almost healthy caramel taste to the blend, if there is such a thing? A sprinkle of blueberries and coconut flakes make this a dessert to dream of and share happily. For extra special times, I squeeze a gloop of sweet freedom at the bottom of the glass. I love surprises and enjoy adding a few to my recipes.

I hope your summer is balmy and bright, and even if the weather is overcast, who cares, truly the seasons are in our hearts, and after a long winter, it's time to bloom!!!

Lots of love,


Papaya Lime Fool


Papaya, 3 ripe, peeled and deseeded
Limejuice, 2 tbsp
Sweet freedom/ maple syrup. 50g
Vanilla extract, ½ tsp
Silken tofu, 1 carton, roughly 390g
Ground cinnamon, a sprinkle
Blueberries, a scattering
Shredded coconut flakes, a small handful (optional)

PLACE all ingredients, except, blueberries and coconut, in a blender.
PULSE until velvety smooth.
TASTE and adjust with either a little more lime, or sweeten, depending on your taste buds!
GARNISH with coconut, papaya pieces and blueberries.

Friday, 20 July 2012

Want to feel great?

When I want to feel great? REALLY GREAT!!! I eat this!

I'm calling this recipe Angel Hair, firstly because I've been very inspired by the wonderful book, Angels in my Hair, which I highly recommend, and secondly, the dish resembles the type of pasta often called Angel hair. This recipe is a lovely way to ENJOY courgettes, which are now in season. They're ninety percent water! Interestingly these slender mini marrows belong to the same family as cucumbers and watermelons, so it makes sense that they're a perfect summer ingredient. Seriously refreshing prepared in this manner, I promise any  pasta lover that this light linguine lullaby love joy will make your taste buds sing! Such is the beauty of this dish. Bake them, fry them, griddle them, roast them, though I'm sure courgettes taste best eaten raw.
When I want to feel great? REALLY GREAT!!! I meditate!

Cooking is a kind of meditation for me, it brings me into alignment with love. It is my daily dose of stillness, sure there is a lot of cling clang, steam and stirring, though this is the time where my mind empties and I clear my thoughts of clutter. Meditation is food for the soul, it is the breath that gives us the keys to open our personal paradise. True bliss begins in the most sacred of places, it is intimate and delicate, when given airtime it is difficult to repress. Meditation frees us quietly with the strength of silk and helps us be who we really are! We find flow through meditation, or perhaps more succinctly, flow finds us. Flow is a natural state, it is simple and agenda free. Combine healthy eating with meditation and all obstacles begin to melt. Feelings of joy and lightness guide us to where true peace exists. Alternatively a good old fashioned telephone box is equally serene!!! 
So while you're washing your vegetables in the cold running water, empty your thoughts and let any worries swirl away, let go of them. Cooking is calming and without over egging the pudding, hang on this recipe I'm sharing is a savoury dish, carbonara perhaps! Keep your thoughts simple, food choices simple, company simple and watch the radiance and inner light glow. 


Toxic friends who “make you feel bad,” are as cumbersome as processed foods, bad habits are nigh impossible to change without the occasional detox. Energy vibrates at different rates and has different qualities. Simply put, there is good energy and bad energy. Energy is magnetic. So it makes sense that when life is in flow, we attract more positive experiences. Our positive feelings attract abundance into our life.

The happier we feel, the more anything is possible!

Live the impossible, make your dreams come true! I dare you!


Angel Hair


Courgette, 4
Lemon, 1 juiced
Maldon salt, a generous sprinkle


SLICE courgette into strips with a potato peeler.
CUT into spaghetti like laces/ Angel hair.
SPRINKLE over lemon juice.
STIR in pesto and mix well.
SEASON to taste and enjoy.


Friday, 13 July 2012

I Lavender you

Lavender you?
Lavender blue?
Lavender Purple?
YES I do!

Those of you who’ve been reading my blog for some time, may know that I love lavender. I love it’s gentle fragrance that calms and relaxes, it’s floral flavour that is a treat in biscuits. Today I’m sharing with you a summer snack, that is so full of lavender loveliness. It is seriously delicious, one cannot help but feel this is a recipe of love.

I use balsamic pearls to bring an extra touch of magic to the overall taste bud experience. 

Each little droplet of dark-brown syrup gorgeousness, explodes with a sweet-sour readiness that balances the goat’s cheese beautifully, whilst not taking any of lavender’s fragrance away. This recipe is a celebration of summer and  my bonkers branches lavender bush that grows in a horizontal direction!
I have to bee : )  thankful though, as it made making this recipe fairly easy.

I love the idea of gardening and while I can't say I do it often, when I do, I get an enormous sense of satisfaction. I’m sure working with nature’s shrubs and wonders is good for the soul.

You will need a few flowers for this gem.
Enjoy and relax, these can be made well in advance and simply toasted, as and when you want to eat them. They would also make lovely canapés if prepared in smaller bite sized pieces.

Go gently into each summer day. And I hope your relationship with food is blossoming, indeed, it is a bond like no other. In many ways it is our most direct link to knowing ourselves. By eating seasonally and paying attention to our changing appetites, we in turn grow in health on every level. Unlike other relationships, many of which are transient, food remains a part of our daily lives ALWAYS.

Love yourself,
Nourish yourself,
And most of all,
Be your self!

I lavender you!

Lots of love,


Goats cheese with lavender and Balsamic Pearls


Goats Cheese, 3 small logs, semi-soft kind
Brioche, 12 slices cut into rounds
Lavender flowers, 12 spikes
Balsamic Pearls, (If you can find theses bubbles of brilliance)
Alternatively, 3 tbps of Balsamic vinegar


Lavender flowers, 7
Extra virgin olive oil, 5 tbsp (RESERVE FOR DRESSING)
Black pepper, 12 turns


Balsamic vinegar, 1 tbsp
Lavender flowers, 4 bruised in a pestle and mortar

TRIM top and tails of goat’s cheese, to reveal the soft speckled cheese. Oooh!
CUT each log into four generous slices.
DE-FLOWER purple joys for the marinade and mix with remaining marinade ingredients.
COVER and leave in the fridge for a couple of hours, I prefer overnight.
CUT brioche rounds and lightly toast.
ARRANGE marinade slices on brioche.

These may be prepared up to this point and then left covered until you’re ready to eat.

PRE-HEAT grill and press one spike into each goat’s cheese disc.
GRILL until lightly sizzling, this will take a few minutes, take care not too burn the brioche.
TOSS salad leaves in dressing.
ARRANGE between four plates and pop of the toasted delights as soon as they’re golden and gorgeously ready.
SPOON ½ tsp of balsamic pearls onto each goat’s cheese disc.
SUMMER and flowers with goat’s cheese…

Friday, 6 July 2012

Chia up?

My current favourite seed of wonder may grace your sweet hankerings with a never-ending tale of goodness and nutrition... sounds like a fairy tale? It sure tastes like one! Enjoyed with an Iced Chai tea, one cannot help but surrender to the moment!

This potent blend of aromas and spices, bring a magical moment with meaning. It is a tapioca like dessert and on a warm summer's day will cool you and sweeten you joyfully. Not to everyone’s taste, though the body will smile, without question.

I love the feeling of being invigorated and enlightened, by introducing this kind of treat to your table, you really will feel better.

Take note, food isn’t a place to hide feelings, it’s a place to celebrate them. At it’s most basic level, it is our fuel, taken to another level, it is something else altogether, it is a medium to bring minds and hearts together, to celebrate the freshness of life.

Choose balance,
Choose bliss,
Choose whole foods,
Choose harmony,
Choose courage,
Choose intuition over advice,
Choose truth,
Choose trust,
Be love!

In the gentle summer breeze all the above ring crystal clear, we only need to take a step out of our daily routines and tune into that most quiet and meditative of places, to listen to our hearts and connect to our reason for being.

You don't develop courage by being happy in your relationships everyday. You develop it by surviving difficult times and challenging adversity. - Epicurus

We are shaped by our experiences, in the same way we are shaped by our diets, literally. This does not mean to say we should sit back and satiate, no compadres, stand tall, shoulders back and engage. 

Each moment matters.

Treat yourself in the simplest of ways by making this luscious ambrosia, and enjoying freshness and freedom. The sweetness comes from the medjool dates and with the combination of spices, enigmas spring into each mouthful! I make my own almond milk; it’s joyfully easy to do, though equally you may find it in the shop.

The low-down on Chia seeds…

My recent raw adventures helped these land in my nest! They’re raw, gluten-free and vegan seeds. Bursting with minerals, omega 3, antioxidants, they are a complete source of protein and a week after first trying them, my skin, my body, my mind all FEEL better! Bold statement, though true.
It may also be used as a natural thickener for soups and stews, as an egg substitute, or simply add to yogurt, porridge or smoothies.

5 reasons why Chia is good for you too!

Five times the amount of calcium in milk, with a boost of boron  that  helps one absorb it.
Three times the amount of antioxidants in blueberries.
Three times the amount of iron in spinach.
Two times the amount of protein, than any other bean, seed or grain.
Two times the amount off potassium in a banana.

By adding chia seeds to your diet, you will be increasing both your energy levels and endurance (great for yogis and pilate's bunnies!). They also help your body rejuvenate and rebuild muscle after exercise and during and post pregnancy.

Summer is here and it is raining! 

We breathe and love!

Lots of it!



Cheery Chia Delight


Chia seeds, 70g
Almond milk, 200ml
Medjool dates, 5 pitted
Vanilla extract, 1 tsp
Cinnamon, ½ tsp
Ground Cloves, the tiniest of pinches
Freshly ground Nutmeg, the tiniest of pinches
Ground ginger, the tiniest of pinches
Blueberries, a generous handful

BLEND all ingredients, except seeds, in a blender.
WHIZZ until smooth.
STIR liquid into chia seeds in a suitably sized bowl.
COVER and leave to chill and churn into glorious pudding delight for roughly 2 hours, overnight is best.
SERVE with a scattering of blueberries.