Friday, 20 July 2012

Want to feel great?

When I want to feel great? REALLY GREAT!!! I eat this!

I'm calling this recipe Angel Hair, firstly because I've been very inspired by the wonderful book, Angels in my Hair, which I highly recommend, and secondly, the dish resembles the type of pasta often called Angel hair. This recipe is a lovely way to ENJOY courgettes, which are now in season. They're ninety percent water! Interestingly these slender mini marrows belong to the same family as cucumbers and watermelons, so it makes sense that they're a perfect summer ingredient. Seriously refreshing prepared in this manner, I promise any  pasta lover that this light linguine lullaby love joy will make your taste buds sing! Such is the beauty of this dish. Bake them, fry them, griddle them, roast them, though I'm sure courgettes taste best eaten raw.
When I want to feel great? REALLY GREAT!!! I meditate!

Cooking is a kind of meditation for me, it brings me into alignment with love. It is my daily dose of stillness, sure there is a lot of cling clang, steam and stirring, though this is the time where my mind empties and I clear my thoughts of clutter. Meditation is food for the soul, it is the breath that gives us the keys to open our personal paradise. True bliss begins in the most sacred of places, it is intimate and delicate, when given airtime it is difficult to repress. Meditation frees us quietly with the strength of silk and helps us be who we really are! We find flow through meditation, or perhaps more succinctly, flow finds us. Flow is a natural state, it is simple and agenda free. Combine healthy eating with meditation and all obstacles begin to melt. Feelings of joy and lightness guide us to where true peace exists. Alternatively a good old fashioned telephone box is equally serene!!! 
So while you're washing your vegetables in the cold running water, empty your thoughts and let any worries swirl away, let go of them. Cooking is calming and without over egging the pudding, hang on this recipe I'm sharing is a savoury dish, carbonara perhaps! Keep your thoughts simple, food choices simple, company simple and watch the radiance and inner light glow. 


Toxic friends who “make you feel bad,” are as cumbersome as processed foods, bad habits are nigh impossible to change without the occasional detox. Energy vibrates at different rates and has different qualities. Simply put, there is good energy and bad energy. Energy is magnetic. So it makes sense that when life is in flow, we attract more positive experiences. Our positive feelings attract abundance into our life.

The happier we feel, the more anything is possible!

Live the impossible, make your dreams come true! I dare you!


Angel Hair


Courgette, 4
Lemon, 1 juiced
Maldon salt, a generous sprinkle


SLICE courgette into strips with a potato peeler.
CUT into spaghetti like laces/ Angel hair.
SPRINKLE over lemon juice.
STIR in pesto and mix well.
SEASON to taste and enjoy.



  1. I absolutely love pasta and green pesto but also suffer from bloating if i eat too much pasta so this looks like a great alternative!! xx

  2. I know the feeling. And these ribbons of courgette deliciousness have all the swirls without the burls! Couldn't think of a rhyming word: ) Either way, I hope you get a chance to make this, it's very scrumptious. FFX


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