Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Blissful Awakenings

Oats in a blue bowl
Oh, oh, oh, oats in November, soft and satisfying, awakening and gratifying, lovely oats bring the freshest of starts. On crisp cold days there is no better breakfast. From sweet slumber to living dreams, without sustenance and strength, colours loose their definition and mornings hedge on winter brambles. There is one sure way to boost brightness in winter, breakfast.
Part of the Anish Kapoor exhibition in London's Kensington Gardens

Often when I’m watching a film I can tell within the first few minutes whether or not I’m going to enjoy it, the opening credits, the cast, the sound track, are all big giveaways. This is the same with a meal, the company, the ingredients and of course the atmosphere, all count. However, the beginning is in essence the handshake that seals the experience. What is the beginning moment we meet everyday, whatever the time of year? Mornings. Mornings welcome our first tasting moment, breakfast.
An autumnal view

Breakfast shapes our day, and our dear bodies when nourished well take on a new level of wonder. What if you’re not a morning’s person? Early get ups can be a struggle at the best of times, so I’ve come up with a lovelylicious simple breakfast – thrown together the night before, its flavours mingle and develop overnight, just right for you in the morning. It’s bursting with goodness and you’ll be seeing colours and views you’ve never noticed before. Oat, to be present, to fully embrace each moment, to start each day fresh, oh oats;-)

Special tip - When a recipe is blissfully simple, and seasonal berries are in short supply, dollop some delicious sugar free jam, like St Dalfour to give you that lovely fruity feeling, without any stress. Jams preserve the taste of summer, make the most of them in winter. 
Why sugar free? Simply, sugar speeds up the pendulum of our moods, reduce it and you'll feel more balanced, avoiding the slumps, highs and lows. Instead cherish the morning skies and be guided by their continuous change, leave yesterdays where they belong and welcome new and fresh joys with a tank full of oaty goodness, and a dollop of jam!

Avoid temptation and start your day with Eve's oat breakfast, apples bring atavistic qualities to our day, sharper memories and better immune systems will come your way.

Happy Tuesday to you.

Eve's oat breakfast
Mouth wateringly good

serves 4 (will keep for a few days, so in theory you have four days worth of breakfast!)

porridge oats 120g
apple juice 250ml
sweet freedom/ maple syrup 4 tsp
apple 1, cored and cubed
sunflower seeds 50g
cinnamon 1 tsp
Greek yogurt 150g

MIX all the ingredients in a bowl.
COVER with cling film and refrigerate overnight.
DAWN awakenings call for oat time!
SPOON into your breakfast bowl and scatter over any fruit you have to hand, or better still a dollop of jam!

Sometimes I love adding sliced bananas, sometimes raspberries or blueberries, discover your favourite.


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