Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Swishing in Strawberries

The HEART that connects us all!

A beautiful Bride to be
What does Madame Talien, the wife of an aristocrat during the French revolution and the formidable Kate Moss have in common? They both like to dip into baths of decadence, the former swished around in crushed strawberries and the latter in Champagne! True to form Kate, Queen of Cool, has just tied the knot with a wedding cake worth a whopping £10,000, it’s a wee drop in the ocean compared to the total cost of this nuptial gathering. Ironically the cake alone would cover at least half the entire expense of an average wedding these days.
That said no one really wants to be “average”, indeed I believe no one is. We all have our idiosyncrasies and special talents. Some are more in touch with their joi de vivre than others, however we ALL deserve something that little bit special, everyday!
I spy Madame Talien!
And no matter where you go,
there you are!

Summer sipping is the way forward, when we’re hydrated our minds tick tock that much better and who can resist a Strawberry Lassi? Upon drinking this Love Life tonic on a beach in Kerala, I was forever transformed. Perhaps the Guru who cleansed and healed my chakras is in part responsible for that, either way I’m a sucker for all things strawberry and this is my favourite tipple! The great thing about lassi’s is how adaptable they are, other favourite flavours include mango, banana, rose and coconut – have fun experimenting! I wonder what will be your favourite?
I've used the new activia pouring yogurt, though any natural yogurt is fine. 
I hope you enjoy this in the meantime.
Here’s to a strawberry Summer of Love,
Summer of Love Lassi

Ripe strawberries, 10 hulled and washed
Sweet Freedom/ fruit sugar, 1 tbsp or to taste (we’re all different)
Plain yogurt 400ml
Ice cubes, 4
WIZZ strawberries and sweet freedom/ fruit sugar in a blender for 30 seconds.
POUR in yogurt and blend again for a minute, until pink and frothy.
SERVE in chilled glasses with two ice cubes in each glass and feel the love.


  1. drooling lovely pics with that mouthwatering lassi recipe

  2. Wow that looks amazingly refreshing lassi - I too try to find joy in most things I do - or to rephrase, do things that bring joy to me :) Revel in the feeling of goodness! And yes, India often has that effect on people (no bias ;)

  3. Refreshing Lassi..with lovely click..

  4. Thank you Kadhyaa! Glad you like the pictures:) Pink froth is very photogenic:))

  5. I agree totally, with you ,"Now Serving" India is a joyful and beautiful place. I'm looking forward to another visit soon.

  6. Thank you Priya and Saras, hope you enjoy the recipe.

  7. This looks so sweet and refreshing! And your presentation was beautiful! (I have this thing for hearts!) ;-)

  8. This is always a special treat when I go to Indian restaurants. Great recipe for a hot summer day!

  9. Wow, this lassi looks so tempting and fresh! Lovely photograph and detailing.

  10. I love your blog! This is my first time visiting it. Your photos are so fun and alive. The Strawberry Lassi looks very refreshing. Thanks for sharing.

  11. Anne, I'm a heart person too ~ a great way to be:)) Emily, you're so right, this drink is so refreshing and I drink lassi's whenever I get the chance, today I sipped on a mango one. Purabi, I'm happy you like the photos. Thank you ALL for your lovely comments. FFX

  12. Hi Ana, thank you for stopping by! I hope you'll visit again soon. Thank you for sharing and I'm delighted you like my blog. FFX

  13. Thank you Tiffany! Try it out ~ takes minutes and is delish! :))

  14. Looks lovely!! Will give it a try!x

  15. Hi I'm Susannah from Activia and I love your ideas for using the Activia Pouring Yogurt in this way. If you fancy trying any of our recipes (with or without Activia yogurt!) then check out our TLC site - hope to see you there!

  16. Thank you lovely Angie:) This one is a true delight and so full of goodness. Let me know how it goes?! FFX

  17. Hi Susannah, I'm delighted you like this recipe. I'll be checking out the sight and look forward to swapping recipes. All the best:) FFX


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