Friday, 11 November 2011

Golden Soup 11.11.11

Take me to the ocean,
Where fresh salty air salutes warmth -
And sunshine beaming clears horizons of purest gold.

Falling in love and diving are similar. Taking a journey into the deep unknown requires courage and a sense of adventure. In leaving behind all past baggage one may travel further, see more and feel free to dive deeper!

Beautiful experiences enrich, however the oceans are also a treacherous place and in falling, we literally take the plunge and sometimes get hurt. Thank goodness for fresh air, changing tides and letting go. The heart has a way of channelling LIGHT, and each time we surface, we may catch our breath, the dive becomes smoother, the relationship stronger and LOVE purer. Phew!

The proof, some say, is in the pudding and today’s Friday classic, AKA chowder, is as tasty as the sea, salty smooth and comforting, one may even feel closer to the oceans.... 

Smoked salmon and sweet succulent crab meat come together to bring a flavour combination that is both fresh, fair and flavoursome. Light and healthy, this soup comforts and nourishes all at the same time.  We get cravings for salty foods because our bodies need sodium chloride, and what better way to eat it, than from Seafood chowder? The roots of this wholesome soup, stem from the French word Chaudière, Fishermen to cook their catch of the day used this three-legged cauldron. When the ships returned, each village had a large Chaudière and the fishermen would share part of their catch for a feast to be enjoyed that evening.

I have always loved the idea of finding a treasure chest; perhaps that the Goonies was one of my favourite childhood films may help explain this fascination. I thought, wouldn’t it be lovely to make this soup extra-special to mark 11/11/11. Today is viewed as an auspicious day numerologically, the world over, and is also Remembrance Day, when we remember the brave souls who have lost their lives, you live on in our hearts and memories.

“For every man and woman who wears the uniform and risks life itself for freedom and for every member of their families. Words are not enough. We owe them everything.”  
Ben Stein

This soup suggests hope, warmth, love and future prosperity. These are the qualities that heal old wounds and create happier times. So, what ingredient other than love might make it special? And then, of course, EUREKA! Gold! Gold? Yes, gold! 

Gold leaf to be precise, it is available in good supermarkets and delicatessens. Sprinkled on top, it transforms this chowder into living treasure, that may nourish the soul on the coldest of winter days.

One of my favourite proverbs;

"Worries go down better with soup."

Be assured, there is no room for worry with this recipe, it is so simple and takes under 30 minutes to make. A rich creamy soup is calling like a mermaid/ merman singing sweetly on the tides. Bring treasure into your kitchens! Make Golden soup!

Golden hugs,



Golden Soup


Onion, 1 finely chopped
Garlic, 1 clove bashed
Butter, a knob
Flour, 2 tbsp (I use brown flour)
Potatoes, 750g peeled and diced
Chicken stock, 500ml
Milk, 500ml
White crab meat, 150g
Smoked salmon, 300g
Flat leaf parsley, small bunch finely chopped
Lemon, a drop of juice
Gold leaf (optional)

HEAT a heavy based frying pan.
ADD knob of butter followed by onion, garlic and flour.
STIR in potatoes, stock and milk.
SIMMER gently for 15 minutes, taking care that it doesn’t boil over.
STIR in parsley, smoked salmon and crab meat, reserving a little to dress on top.
POUR in the lemon juice and season with freshly ground black pepper.
POUR soup into warmed bowls and dress with reserved seafood and gold!
FIND treasure today and always.


  1. I adore smoked salmon...and your soup looks amazing! The gold leaf is such a stunning lovely!

  2. Fantastic looking golden!!!:)) Very unique and pretty! Thanks for the way I adore your images!!!


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