Friday, 13 January 2012

Feel Good Friday

Friday? Always brings a smile to my face. For my happy Friday breakfast, a piece of rye bread spread with Nut Pulp Hummus, washed down with some ice cold almond milk, made me almost jump off my seat and spring into a star jump! Woohoo!

Some good news to share, this month my first offering in my new column in Families First has been published. I’m enjoying this new chapter of sharing my passion for healthy food and will be sharing some of the recipes here too. 

Last week I posted a recipe for Almond Milk, I’ve had several requests to post a follow up. Those who made the silky ambrosia will know that the by-product is a fair amount of pulp. Pulp, not the kind for papier mache. Instead, pulp, so creamy and delicious it almost wills you to give it a couple of minutes to bring forth its majesty. Chickpeas are literally quaking in their boots, as this gorgeous dip gives the classic ingredient a run for its money, in fact you may never tread the pea path again!

This lovely dip will keep up to seven days in a tightly sealed container, though it’s so delicious I very much doubt it will last that long! There are hundreds of recipes to make the most from nut pulp, and there are whole blogs dedicated to the subject, here are a few;

As you dip into the weekend, may you feel great and enjoy whatever gifts are given to you today, for they make tomorrows dreams come true.

Lots of love,


Nutty Hummus

Nut pulp, 4 tbsp (leftovers from making nut milk from this recipe)
Garlic clove, 1
Lemon, 2 juiced
Water, 2 tbsp
Tahini, 4 tbsp(or other raw nut butter)
Ground cumin, 1 tsp
Smoked paprika, ½ tsp

BLEND everything until creamy smooth, accept the nut pulp.
SEASON to your taste.
SPOON in half the pulp and blend again.
ADJUST seasoning, you may want to add some more lemon juice, personalise it so it’s deliciously suited to your taste buds.
SPOON in remaining pulp and blend again.
SPRINKLE over smoked paprika, it gives a gorgeous kick!
SERVE with crudités and spread on your favourite bread, rye bread is a personal favourite.


  1. This humus recipe is interesting,I love humus but I always use chick peas and what is great about this and you use leftover almond for this recipe that was great idea,thanks for sharing and congrats with sahring recipe in the column :)

  2. Thank you Ridwan for your kind message! I agree, chick peas are delicious too, however almond hummus feels lighter and is bursting with nutritional goodness - so is definitely worth trying. Happy weekend to you:0)

  3. Very well done on your magazine spot you are well on your way!! Angela x

  4. Hi Angela, thank you angel:0) Please let me know if there is anything you'd like to see on the blog? Ideas and thoughts are always welcome. Hope you're having a delicious and happy weekend! xox

  5. First Congrats on the column, how excited! Second those pictures make my mouth water..lovely recipe, and I will have to try it soon! Thanks for sharing and enjoy your Wednesday!!!


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