Friday, 24 February 2012

Julie’s Smoothie

Upon a peach sunset, I slept,
Eyelids fluttering, I dreamt –
That in a waking moment, freshness,
The kind that fills you up with love inside,
Came falling like a coconut landing on a banana cloud!

And the next morning I made this…
The freshest of smoothie’s that brings smiles and soothing sips to Mummies to be and everyone. An ice cold Smoothie has a cleansing touch, like no other drink or food. Tired hearts and minds get a new lease of life when nourished, so having had 5 months of broken sleeps, this is my tonic and I want to share it with you.
Spring is on her beautiful way, teasing us with sunshine and mild weather, so as I’m not always bright eyed and bushy tailed in the morning, a lovely Smoothie helps get the cogs rolling, this is a pleasing drink and is blitzed together in minutes.
I’m clearing out an old cupboard and finding lots of photos and poems written by my Parents. It’s difficult to make sense of two lives no longer. My memories feel like a patchwork quilt, colourful and comforting – seeing their handwriting seems to evoke more than photo’s, I know not why? 

Recently I took a step towards the direction of my dreams, what will come of it is too early to say, though I have a good feeling! In the past I’d have called my folks to share my excitement, this time I said a prayer and my heart felt them close.

I shared this quote recently, “Let your heart guide you, it whispers so listen carefully.” This rings so true to me and I am happy to be writing this now. My journey to here, to sharing this recipe began about six years ago, when by chance I covered for a chef, and got offered a job on the back of it.

I found myself working in an environment where a new way of thinking was introduced to me. A word that was often used and one I’ve come to value hugely is “Boundaries.” They are our saving grace, our survival code, if you like. When we have clear boundaries we nourish ourselves at a deeper level, there are other good ways of nourishing the self - eating healthily, spending time with loved ones or simply noticing the beauty around us, when we do these things, one, or better still, all of three, a healing magic holds us close – we become more ourselves, we speak our truth.


Clear boundaries allow us to feel comfortable in our own skins and step forward with a sense of unconditional love. Take time to know your worth and if you have no idea what boundaries are, perhaps now is a good time to find out.

In the mean time, sip some Smoothie magic for some soul warming and satisfying goodness.

My friend Julie shared some good news with me this week, she’s expecting. That little life will be a summer baby. My boys are spring and autumn babes, I’ve yet to see more beauty than in a babies innocent gaze.

Julies Smoothie will ~
  • Warm you up, thanks to the ginger.
  • Relieve morning sickness, thanks to the ginger.
  • Improve circulation, thanks to the ginger.
  • Regulate electrolyte and fluid balance, thanks to the banana.
  • Prevent muscle cramps, thanks to the banana.
  • Strengthens bones, thanks to the coconut.
  • Heals deeply, thanks to the coconut.
  • Give your vocal chords some TLC, thanks to the cardamom.

I’m raising my glass of tropical deliciousness to wish you the happiest of Friday’s, full of love, joy, kindness and gratitude.



Julies Smoothie

Light coconut milk, 250ml
Greek yogurt, 250ml
Ripe bananas, 2 chopped
Sweet freedom/ maple syrup, 2 tbsp
Ginger, 1 tsp grated
Cardamom pods, 2 bashed seeds only
Ice cubes, 14

PUT all of the above ingredients in a blender and blitz.
POUR into four glasses and decorate with some thin slithers of banana.
SIP slowly to appreciate fully, this may be difficult as it’s delicious!


  1. What a beautiful post! I enjoyed reading every single word..just beautifully written!
    Great smoothie..will have to try it one of these days! Congrats to your friend Julie!

    1. Thank you for such a lovely comment! I'm delighted you like the post and I can vouch that "Julies Smoothie" is a waking and refreshing dream: ) I hope you're having a lovely day. FFX

  2. I always love smoothies made of coconut milk and this combination yumm:) I am in love with this ..slurp :)



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