Friday, 5 October 2012

Peace and Pie

Orange is the colour of warmth and kinship, and it is also said to stimulate the appetite.
Sunshine on rowan berries is one of my favourite autumnal shades, bright and gently warming.

This recipe is terracotta terendipity (one of my favourite words is serendipity, sorry! Couldn’t help myself). 

It’s a humble pie, with a curiously coconut base that is sweet and soulful. This pie is a nourishing hug for the taste buds - and you'll be left feeling as light as a fluffy cloud! The star of this recipe is the pumpkin, though any winter squash may be used in place. If coconut is not your cup of tea, then try using almond or macadamia oil instead.
Stevia gives this pie its sweetness and is now widely available; it is a naturally sweet herb from South America and has been used for centuries. Stevia has very few calories and makes sweet treats healthy – if you can’t find it, muscavado sugar will be just as delicious, though not as healthy and you’ll need to use four times as much to get the same level of sweetness.

I believe the food we eat affects every part of our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual being. And I take great pleasure in sharing my recipes and ideas with you. I recently took part in a nutrition workshop, which further sparked my growing interest in nutrition, something we discussed overlapped with an interesting article I read the other day. Essentially what we eat, shapes who we become – in such a profound way, that our first few years of life imprint the rest. 

“In the first few years of life, 700 new neural connections are formed every second. Neural connections are formed through the interaction of genes and a baby’s environment and experiences, especially ‘serve and return’ interaction with adults… These connections build brain architecture – the foundation upon which all later learning, behaviour and health depend.”

Last weekend we had a little gathering to celebrate my sons first birthday. It was lovely; the rain retreated for one glorious afternoon, sandwiched between a week of flooding. As we sang Happy Birthday a gust blew, the candle flickered on his Blueberry Birthday Cake, and out it went. We sang on, re-lit the candle and Leo, with a little help from me, blew it out. You see, in that second of the candle blowing out, I closed my eyes and held him that bit tighter, LOVE is what makes the world go round, no question about it, and if what we eat today, effects our future generations, indeed 

You've heard the saying, "You are what you eat." While there is truth behind that statement, epigenetics show diet may also influence your DNA and the DNA of future generations. That means, your grandchildren are what you eat.

To you, I wish peace,
To you, I wish tender touch,
To you, I wish a heart that feels love,
To you, I wish a life that fits like the softest glove.

Lots of love,


Pumpkin and Coconut pie


Rolled oats, 60g
Walnuts, 60g
Sweet freedom, 60g
Coconut oil, 50g melted
Vanilla extract, 1tsp
Salt, ½ tsp
Whole grain flour, 75g

Pumpkin, 500g cut into chunks
Ground nutmeg. ¼ tsp
Ground ginger, ¼ tsp
Ground cinnamon, ¼ tsp
Salt, ¼ tsp
Maple syrup, 4 tbsp
Stevia, 1 tsp
Eggs, 3 large
Soya cream, 200ml

PRE-HEAT oven to 350°F gas 4 180’. 
BLITZ crust ingredients in a food processor and pulse to mix.
GREASE a 22cm tarte tin with a little coconut oil and press crust evenly along the bottom of the pan, gently spreading it up the sides.
HALVE pumpkin and scoop out seeds.
LAY pieces over a baking tray.
SPRINKLE with spices and maple syrup.
COVER with foil and bake for 50 minutes.
COOL pumpkin and then scoop out the flesh.
BLEND all remaining ingredients together.
POUR over the tarte crust and bake for 45 minutes.
REMOVE tart from oven and allow to cool and then cover with foil and keep in the fridge.
SERVE chilled with a dollop of cream or Greek yogurt.


  1. Great warm post! Lovely combo...I love pumpkin pies but addition of coconut must bring even more flavor!

    1. Thank you Sandra. I agree, the combo is lovely and warming, great for keeping away the chill: ))

  2. A well written post :)) And that is one cheerful & inviting pie!!!
    Prathima Rao
    Parts Corner

    1. Thanks Prathima: ) Glad you like the pie: )


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