Friday, 25 March 2011

Simple Spiced Soup

Pink on blue
Clear soup is like good company and blue skies – nourishing - uplifting and pretty simple - in that there aren’t any hidden agenda’s, clouds or confusing flavours!

I love soup at all times of the year – not only is it very straightforward to make – it also feels good on the inside. The first time I tasted a mussel Chowder in New England was a moment of sea sensual triumph! The sweet mellow mussel, along with the creamy soup and lovely chunks of soft potato melted like a happy dream in my mouth - A Winter's Tale for sure;-)
Just enough kick to bring a smile of contentment

This recipe, however, is a Spring awakening - more of a Mid-spring nights dream;-) and with it’s gorgeous hit of chilli and spice, your mouth may not only water it will also retreat to the hills of the Himalayas or some such distant land, for this soup is from the tropics. Last year while in Borneo I ate this a few times, when I eat it I feel full of the wonders and joys of freshness – it is for me a soothing wake up call soup, I wonder what it will be for you?
Add colour to your appetite for bliss

PS- Thank you for reading my blog, and I hope you enjoy this recipe. I love hearing your thoughts, either through the comments space below, on twitter or through the Feeling Food Facebook page.

Love and Soup,

Sinead xxx

Prawn Laksa
Delicous - simple as that;-)
Olive oil, 1 tbsp

Yellow Thai Paste, 1 tbsp
Garlic cloves, 3 crushed
Fresh ginger root, 1 tsp thinly sliced
Half-fat coconut milk, 400ml 1 tin
Chicken stock, 500ml
King prawns, 300g
Bean sprouts, 50g
Ridge cucumber, 1 sliced into sticks
Bunch of coriander
Red chilli, 1 finely sliced
Cooked Rice noodles, 100g

HEAT oil in a large pan.
ADD paste and garlic, stirring briskly.
POUR in coconut milk and stock.
WHISK gently to make sure everything is combined.
SIMMER for five minutes.
DIVIDE evenly cooked noodles into four deep bowls – you can buy pre-cooked noodles, or simply follow pack instructions.
STIR in prawn and bean sprouts to heat through.
SPOON soup into bowls.
TOP with cucumber sticks and red chilli.
SCATTER over some fresh coriander.
SMILE and savour.


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  2. Thank you Jay, I'm delighted you like my blog. I'll be checking yours out shortly;-)

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