Thursday, 28 April 2011

Let them eat cake . . .

“Kate needs to eat cake” was a headline on several papers and magazines last week – and upon reading this I thought, “Give the girl a break!”

The look of love is unmistakable and universal!
Show me a Bride that doesn’t want to look her best on her big day and I'll show you a T-Rex wearing a tiara! Shedding a couple of extra pounds and pampering oneself is indeed customary and helps balance the stresses that accompany planning and organising such a personal day, anyone whose walked down the aisle will appreciate this. I think the key to any special occasion is to enjoy the experience, have a sneaky peak at this, it's sure to bring a smile to your face and if we're smiling inside the rest is easy, effortless in fact.

Future Brides hope that as they glide, walk or hobble down the aisle – it will be one of their most memorable and joyous moments - each tentative step marks the beginning of a new lifelong chapter, when "two become one!" (Spice Girls quote;-))

So upon hearing that our future King, Prince William loves banana cake, I thought wouldn’t it be a nice gesture to bake one to mark the occasion – I’ve decided to call it King Kong’s Cake for Kate, for the simple reason it contains silky bananas and is fit for a King AND Queen.

Kate Middleton is sure to be a beautiful Bride and I wish her and her Prince all the very best in their future lives together. With all the pressures they will face, one hopes that they may share many more private moments of bliss than public ones, and be able to feel like any other newly married couple. On top of this world in full bloom!

So with this in mind I wish all newly weds, oldy weds and everyone else on this planet a happy slice of cake and may each day be full of moments of joy and clarity!

I gave a recipe in a bottle to say thank you
to our guests for being part of our  special day! Designed by Lovely Favours
And to all woman AND men I say, try baking! Whether you’re a city slicker, a fashionista, a mum of three, a builder or a nester – there is something truly timeless and rewarding to discover through baking. This recipe is lovingly simple and as satisfying as any cake I’ve baked. 

Mellow yellow banana meets creamy ricotta, binded with yolks and whites, it is sure to be a truly harmonious delight. 

Cook for the one you love with Love,

Happy Holiday Weekend!



King Kong’s Cake for Kate
Pineberries on top make this cake extra-special, it's the little things that make all the difference

For the base

Honey Granola 150g, I love the Dorset Cereal Brand
butter, 50g melted
lemon, 1 zest and juice

For the filling

Ricotta cheese, 1kg
lemons, 2 juiced
eggs, 4 large
banana, 150g
fruit sugar, 75g (lower GI than refined sugar)
cornflour, 40g
vanilla essence 1tsp
Selection of strawberries for decoration and extra goodness!

PRE-HEAT oven to 170'c, gas 3.
BLITZ granola in a blender and transfer to a bowl.
POUR in butter and stir well.
SPRINKLE over lemon zest.
PRESS base mixture onto a lightly greased (20cm cake tin, 7 1/2 cm deep, with removable base)
PLACE all of the filling ingredients in a blender and wizz for a couple of minutes until beautifully smooth.
POUR over the base and place on a baking tray before popping in the oven for 1hr to 1hr and 10 minutes.
REMOVE cake tin from the oven when cooked, the edges will be lightly golden and the middle should have a lovely wobble!
TRANSFER to the top shelf of your fridge (in the cake tin) immediately, this will help prevent the cake from cracking and allow to cool completely before working your artistic magic and decorate as you please.


  1. that looks yuuuuummmy!!! really!!!

  2. OMg this looks stunning :) wish i could grab a slice.


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