Wednesday, 11 May 2011

It's all in the jeans?

Dearest Readers,
I'm posing a few questions today and would love to hear your thoughts - but first let the wonderful Radish take centre stage!

Consciously see the beauty in the ordinary - ordinary is often EXTRAORDINARY!

Radishes, pinky punchy balls of earthy fire, are ripe for the picking right now. Their subtle heat is a gentle reminder of the changing seasons upon us – roll on Summer!

Is happiness determined by our feelings? Does what we eat truly effect our moods? Or are we genetically programmed to be happy/ miserable? The answers YES, YES and YES. Recent research suggests 'a happiness gene' lies at the heart of contentment - if this be so, the gene 5-HTT has a lot to answer for! And woe betide you if the gene hasn't worked its magic on your DNA.

The' long' version of the gene bequeaths a happy existence whereas the 'short' one is truly the short straw! 

Genes aside - self acceptance and finding what makes us happy and making good informed choices certainly raises the barometer of joy - by nourishing and nurturing ones body self esteem and happiness get a boost - we can all empower ourselves regardless of the "long and short" of it. Good news!

Find a good fit and your already half way to happiness!
Salads, bright fresh green ones make me a happy camper, especially at this time of year. We can't swap our genes, though we can wear comfortable “jeans” because we CHOOSE to and we ALL deserve too. 

The good Abraham Lincoln said wisely “We are as happy as we make our minds up to be.” And I for one agree.

With this lightest and loveliest of suppers happiness is there for the tasting! Bright pink radishes and crisply fresh peas, sweetly mixed with a refreshing mint and crème fraiche dressing, topped with Halloumi, ah flavours and nourishment in abundance.

There is joy to be found in the simplest observations and lightly searing halloumi that turns from pale cream to golden ooziness is pretty close to cooking contentment. When I made this salad the other day it was received with delight. Certain suppers stir smiles more easily and this is a sure winner.

Halloumi = Happiness!

Couple with pinkest radishes and gorgeous green peas we have a light and lovely dish which is challenging for even the most ardent Ebenezer’s!

Happy salads and summer days.

Happy Halloumi Pea and Radish salad
Eat green, feel great!

For the crème fraiche and mint dressing
Crème fraiche 110ml
Mint 2 tbsp
Lemon juice 1 tbsp
For the green pea salad
Cucumber, ½ peeled and cut into chunks
Radishes, 12 sliced
Fresh peas, 75g
Edamame peas, 75g
Mixed salad leaves 100g
Halloumi, 250g sliced into desirable size
Olive oil, 1 tbsp

MIX all dressing ingredients together and season.
SIMMER fresh peas and edamame in salted boiling water for 3 minutes.
DRAIN and plunge into cold water, to keep them a lovely shade of green.
HEAT a pan and add olive oil.
PAN-FRY Halloumi for a couple of minutes on either side, until golden.
MIX remaining salad ingredients and stir in cooled drained peas.
POUR over dressing and serve onto plats with slices of Halloumi.
HAPPY days with Halloumi.

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  1. This salad looks gorgeous. Must make this soon!



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