Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Blue berry?

A Cornish field of bluebells

Why blueberry when your juice stains purple?
Why when cooked your sweetness doubles and colour intensifies,
And gently oozing droplets stream like a capsule of vivid colour bursting?

When stirred into a batter a pancake of dizzying deliciousness delights,
Tempting taste buds toward a blooming blueberry blitz.
I have never forgotten my first blueberry moment...

I love journeys, the photo above was taken on a recent expedition, a happy cream tea Viv's Tea Garden led us to the spot above and the view was breath taking. Bluebell meadows are a moment of splendour and no more is true for taste adventures. Through cooking a flavour finds a new way of expression and a taste that was once familiar, becomes totally different – think apples/ in a pie – mushrooms/ in a stew – bananas/ baked.

Happily stir a puckered blueberry into an oat and buckwheat batter and watch as it sinks gracefully, then twirl a sliver spoon, mix it all up and one by one drop dollops into a hot pan – breathe deeply and smell this fragrant simmering sweetness as it transforms….
Watch for the bubbles!

And take great comfort in these few moments, that just as batter bubbles and becomes a soft pancake so too do we in any given moment - we choose to change our thoughts, our moods or any experiences really, by adding a few new ingredients, trusted favourites or by simply turning up the heat – everything changes.

In pancake terms;-) Every true change involves an action – in the simplest of forms.

Today a blueberry pancake changed my life!

No question is certain without an answer that involves inspiration. By being present miracles unfold and the deepest purple stain becomes blue, or not!?

This recipe is a wondrous weekend wake up, it’s also gluten-free, for those who need it to be so – in which case, choose gluten-free oats and gluten-free baking powder. If you’re like me and don’t mind waking up a little earlier midweek then you’re in for a treat any day of the week.

Be sure to cook these in a non-stick pan – if you don’t have one they really are a worthy investment and will save you a great deal of time in the long run, as well as improving the results of your lovely efforts. Try serving these with some freshly cooked crispy bacon and fruit, a candidly unapologetic gastronomic start to a day that invites dreams to come true. 
Crispy bacon meets refreshing fruit to stir you into a balance of nourishment
Life is full of possibilities and here’s to breakfasts that start the day as we mean to go on, heavenly;-)

Happy day to you.

Sinead xxx

Blueberry pancakes
Mouth melting moments of banana work a treat alongside sweet blueberries

Buckwheat flour, 100g
Oats, 50g
Baking powder, 1 tsp
Salt, a pinch
Sweet freedom, 3tbsp (or soft brown sugar)
Milk, 170ml
Butter, 25g melted
Eggs, 1 beaten
Vanilla essence, 1 tsp

WHISK egg, milk, vanilla essence, sweet freedom and melted butter in a bowl.
POUR in buckwheat flour, oats and baking powder, stir until well combined.
DROP in blueberries and enjoy this moment, then stir well. (to save time in the morning, you may leave the mixture in the fridge overnight and loosen with some more milk in the morning) 
HEAT a non-stick pan and with a tablespoon drop in batter.
WATCH out for little rising bubbles and then flip over until gorgeously golden on the other side.
SERVE as you wish, be it with bacon, maple syrup, fruit or yogurt, whatever you choose - savour each mouthful!


  1. This sounds delicious & really appreciate that it's gluten-free. Will be adding it to my to-do list, thanks!

  2. These bleuberry pancakes look delicious. Thanks for sharing

  3. Wow, this, indeed, is something different!

  4. looks so yummy...wat a great combination of flavors..

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  5. I love Cornwall. Those bluebells look amazing. I've wanted to make blueberry pancakes for ages and now having seen yours I want to make them even more! Thanks for following - am following back.

  6. Thank you everyone, it's great to read your comments. Looking forward to sharing many more recipes;-))

  7. you have nice blog,i love that logo on the pie,life,love is very cute :) and that blueberry pancake YUMO !! i will follower now


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