Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Marinade me

A spoonful of goodness helps the meatiliciousness go down! 

A proposal of the most tempting kind! And the answer is YES, YES, YES! Marinades are the flavour of “forget me not”. Beauteously they tenderise effortlessly and this particular gem is one of my all time favourites for beef.
Give gorgeousness to beef 
Ginger gingerly melts and boosts the flavour of the meat. The celery salt captures your senses in tangy splendour that twinned alongside garlic, both fresh and powdered, gives an infusion of flavours that creates a carnivores taste carnival;-))

Wherever you are in the world, buy your meat from local producers.

“Cottages, stock, green fields and birds . . . . if we want to keep this beauty farmers need to be supported, which means buying British meat.” Tim Wilson

It is with total conviction that I support this and would encourage everyone to take a moment to consider why it is so important. Beauty, passes us by every moment of the day, sometimes it’s not so obvious, though I challenge anyone to gaze over a country meadow, peeping between the hedgerows and butterflies and not be bowled of by nature’s beauty.
If you're lucky, a blue butterfly may land on you!

The secret to a good steak is to pre-heat the pan – I love to use a griddle pan, though this is not essential. Heat on a high setting for a few minutes, then tssssss – the meat when placed gently onto the pan surrenders and sears, the scent released beckons an audience of the most mouth watering kind! Serve alongside a freshly made potato salad and warmed beetroot, for light and unforgettable meat magnificence.

Meat marinade 

A gargantuan summer feast awaits!


Soy sauce, 1 tbsp
Olive oil, 2 tbsp
White pepper, ½ tsp
Celery salt, a pinch
Ginger, 1 heaped tsp, crushed into a paste
Garlic powder, ½ tsp
Garlic clove, 1 crushed into a paste

MIX all of the above ingredients until well combined
POUR over your meat and leave for at least fifteen minutes.
MAGIC happens when meat is left for a couple over hours, to soak up flavours.
When ready to eat
PRE-HEAT a pan large enough to fit your steaks.
PLACE steak in pan – no need to grease.
COOK to you liking, depending on the thickness of steaks, and how you like your meat cooked, time will vary – follow your instinct. As a rough guide 2 ½ minutes on both sides works wonders for me.
REST meat for five minutes in a warm place before serving.


  1. I have been clicking around your blog and could not decide where to comment. I enjoy your writing. I could do with taking your food philosophy to heart.

  2. Hello Mike,

    I'm glad you enjoy FF blog and I hope to hear more from you. Why not click on the FB link and join my page ~ for me cooking is all about sharing ideas and recipes. Hearing back from my readers fills me with happiness!

    Thank you;-)


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