Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Waiting for a gap

"Time and tide wait for no man" - as King Canute discovered to his horror when he failed to make the sea obey his command ~ mmm ~ Nature reminds us of our place in the natural order each waking day,  and no less is true in our kitchens and in music of course - this is one of my favourite pieces by the majestic Philip Glass! Now, back to the kitchen, the heart beat of our homes,  where time determines frazzled from fried and sailing to stressful, celebrations from woe and weekend rest to working day. How we manage time and respond to the tick tock clock coincides with our overall contentment and coping levels. 

On the BBC's "Saturday Kitchen" the lovely bear like Tom Kerridge upon being informed of an unusual foodie fact said gleefully, "Everyday is a school day". I felt an inner smile and grateful recognition as I was taught something too - It is in listening and responding, be it in the kitchen, classroom, office, bedroom or street that we learn most. Life is more interesting when we are receptive and open, in food terms; the changing seasons keep us on our toes and encourage us to enjoy all that surrounds us. This month aptly, runner beans are tootling in our shops and gorgeous berries, radishes, rhubarbs and many other delights are dancing in the sweet summer air.

Sunshine in your palm!
I often get hankerings for pancakes, both the savoury and sweet kind, they're light and suggest calm to me - though sometimes they seem easier to prepare than other times. What I'm learning is that the simplest recipes are transformed by thoughts - I know this to be true - I'd like to make a small request.... the next time you cook, consciously smile and feel the warmth in your tummy! if making this recipe start by cracking the eggs into your hand:-) that will set the tone. I'd love to hear how it goes and what you cooked? Did it taste better? When I do the food always tastes better, as time ceases to stress and the experience proves more important than the result. Pressure is a power we choose to bow too, time is a reality that makes equals of us all.

Wrap a couple of these up in foil, slip in your bag or large pocket:-) find a lovely view and relish it accompanied by the maturity of cheddar and the sweetness of corn!

Golden days are now.

*these make a perfect addition to any packed lunch – they are my son’s favourite.


Sweet corn and Cheddar pancakes

Makes 10

Rice flour 200g
Baking powder 2 tsp (gluten-free for those who wish it to be so)
Eggs 3 beaten
Milk 100ml
Mature cheddar 150g
Tabasco several drops
Tin of sweet corn 300g
Spring onions 7 finely chopped
Chives 1 small bunch chopped

Lovely and golden
BLEND together in a mixer all of the above ingredients, excluding the sweet corn and spring onions.
STIR in chives, sweet corn and spring onions – season generously.
SPOON two tablespoons per pancake on a lightly oiled heated pan.
FLIP after two minutes and cook until the other side is golden too.
SERVE warm with whatever topping suits you, or simply serve with a fresh green salad – either way there is sure to be no leftovers!

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