Thursday, 30 June 2011

Lost in Flowers

Flirting Flowers

Are we ever truly lost? When the chips are down and things are tough and winter's bleakness grips like a glove, what then? Where do we go? We wait, we try to be still and trust, that as the wheel turns, so too does the weather and our mood.

Summer melts away winter's residue. Now we find light and brightness wherever we go. This is a bloomin’ beautiful time of year. Delicious edible delights are growing in a bush near you! And colourful flowers adorn each passing sidewalk, almost flirting with the sunshine.

I love flowers; I love how they smell, the colours they hold, the thought they represent and most of all the hope that they bring. 

Lost or found?
Summer fruits and flowers share much in common. A strawberry plucked at the right time tastes sweet and lush, plucked too soon and bitterness bites. It’s the same with experiences, there is a good time and then there is the wrong time.

How to tell the difference? Accept that being lost is sometimes really being found.

Today I’m sharing a simple recipe of spellbinding splendiferousness! I promised a week of no cook recipes to bring cool and here is numero dos. The joy here is that because the fruit is already frozen, within an hour and a half you have the most delightful of healthy and gorgeously delicious mock ice creams. All the yumminess with the best of summer. Does it get any better?


With the addition of organic edible flowers – try some “Calendula officinalis,” also known as the "pot marigold" or "poor man's saffron", your bowl will beam with luscious beauty and there is nothing “poor” about these petals. Feast your eyes as well as your appetite, they are one in the same thing. The hint of rose swirls the taste buds into a flower dreamers sensorium.

Flower power and Berry Zen Delight
Watch as the true colours of Summer unfold
Serves 6
Frozen summer fruits, 400g
Greek yogurt, 500g
Crème fraiche 200ml
Sweet freedom/ fruit sugar, 3 tbsp
Vanilla essence ½ tsp
Rose essence ½ tsp

MIX all of the above ingredients in a large bowl until everything is well combined.
COVER the bowl with cling film and place in the freezer.
REMOVE 30 minutes later and mix again. You may notice that the berry juices begin to seep into the lush creaminess and the colours of summer appear. Isn’t it beautiful? Place bowl back in the freezer.
REPEAT 30 minutes later, breaking up any ice crystals and return to the freezer for a final 30 minutes, if longer, make sure you remove from the freezer for at least 15 minutes before serving and stir well.
SERVE when ready to eat, with a scattering of edible flower for a true Summer of Love!


  1. That's a wonderfully written post...I appreciate your writing skills and your amazing photography! You are right, sometimes being lost is like being found! very true. Liked your recipe...

  2. Thank you very much Purabi for your lovely comment. I'm happy you liked the post and look forward to sharing recipes.


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