Thursday, 31 May 2012


In the sweet nothingness of time -
Before hunger came thirst.
Travelling with an open heart –
On a journey, I felt cursed.
A change in direction and some golden light,
I gained some strength to find the dawn after night,
And welcome a life led by love.
It feels like the warmest glove.
Oh, Love eternal!

Discover a fresh drink and find quenchable thirst with this recipe. Pour generously on a divine summers day and celebrate life with this twist on classic Iced tea. Now is a great time to celebrate, the Queen's Jubilee falls this weekend and what better tipple to refresh with than Early Grey, Strawberry and Vanilla Iced Tea.
Beautiful Leaves
The British are a nation of tea drinkers and have poured more cups of tea per capita than anywhere in the world. As a child I remember sipping freshly brewed milky tea, after a day of climbing trees and seeking out adventure. Tea is a drink of sweet pleasure and togetherness, it begs a pot and orders quietude. Iced tea is gradually becoming more fashionable here and if you’ve yet to try it, now is a good time to dive in. This recipe will weave you into a glorious strawberry laced sipping splash, and draw you away to a cooling calm. It is surprisingly simple to make, I first featured this recipe in my collumn for Families First.

I love the idea of cleansing the body from the inside out, freshening and nourishing all the while. Tipple a trickle of this and your thirst may be rewarded with a most delicious drink that is strawberrily good and is as refreshing as diving into the sea. Sit in the shade whilst sipping and listen closely to your heart, trust in the stillness and calm. Meditate on some lovely time and with each breath feel good and true. What I love most about cooking for my family is the unconditional love that travels through my touch, cooking is many things and with love it is a gift in the most nourishing sense. As the bumblebee is to flowers, so are we to fresh ingredients. I’ve coined a new saying!!!


Keep a journal of HAPPY moments, keep it SAFE and write in it often, this act will create a vibration that invites beauty and joy in abundance.

On this summers day I wish you well.

Lots of love,


Early Grey, Strawberry and Vanilla Iced tea

Earl Grey teabags, 4
Cinnamon stick, 1
Vanilla pod, 1 split and seeds scraped
Sweet freedom/ Maple syrup, 100g
Fresh Strawberries, 400g hulled
Orange juice, 250 ml
Lime, juiced
Ice cube, 7

BOIL 750ml water in a kettle.
POUR into a tall 4 litre jug.
ADD teabags, sweet freedom/ maple syrup, cinnamon stick, vanilla pod and seeds.
STIR well and leave for fifteen minutes to brew.
BLITZ strawberries and orange juice together in a blender until smooth.
REMOVE teabags.
POUR strawberry mixture and lime juice into the tea and stir well.
ADD the ice cubes and taste for sweetness, adjust to suit your taste buds.
ADD more water if necessary to fill the jug to the top.
STIR again and serve in chilled glasses.


  1. I love the idea of a journal of happy things, and write in it often, a beautiful way to remind us how blessed we are. Thanks for your lovely blog xxx

    1. I've always kept a journal, sometimes more regularly than others! It's very revealing and sometimes surprising to look back over them, plus they're a happy reminder of good memories and challenges overcome: ) I think the written word is often more evocative than a photo?! Thank you Jennifer for your lovely comment. FFX

  2. Looks like a winner to quench one's thirst in the hot weather to come.

    1. It sure is, and it's ruby hue makes it a visual delight too: ) FFX

  3. "Thirst" such a wonderful word,
    Speaks of a yearning that has to be quenched,
    No matter the cup half full,
    No matter the cup half empty,
    Drink deep for there is always plenty.

    1. Beautifully written. Thirst is a "wonderful" word, I agree, and I love that there is a never ending supply, "plenty." FFX

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