Thursday, 10 February 2011

Connecting the dots?

See a dot in isolation and all there is, is a dot! Now imagine that dot is an ingredient, an element of a meal, that connected with other dots becomes something magnificent and tasty. Certain dots, certain people, certain places, connect. The key to personal fulfilment is knowing which dots suit you best;-)

Find your dots and become a butterfly!
Throw in curiosity and a few seasonal charms and a familiar recipe may transform into a taste bud extravaganza. Take pear and prosciutto as a classic combination, swizzle over some balsamic and you have a trio of lovely dots!  In this recipe I’ve played around with flavours and textures, linking a few more dots along the way! I’m sure eating well everyday is a reality we’d all benefit greatly from, by knowing what dots work well for you is a sure step in the right direction.

I have a friend, Alexandra, who has a gift with salads, she can muster up a mouthwatering salad in minutes and they always look beautiful. The recipe I’m sharing with you today is a combination of one of her wonders that works well with one of my own creations, and it seems fitting to name it after her, Alexandra’s Pear and Prosciutto Beetroot Salad is delicious. Sweet fragrant pear meets deep earthy beetroot, with some mushroom moments and coriander freshness, the salty prosciutto wraps everything together like a huge life affirming hug. And for my lovely vegetarian readers, simply replace the prosciutto with 70g of cubed gorgeous Gorgonzola, and for my effervesscent indulgent readers, why not try both?

Healthy flavours fill any gaps and leave hunger in a far off land. For a seasonal and splendiferous nourishing supper, this salad aligns some seriously good flavours. Certain flavours, certain people work well together - the silent ties that link us and our taste buds nestle strongly together, and have done so since antiquity, people and food shouldn’t be observed in isolation, instead let’s draw some visible links and identify what works for ourselves, the joys and humming’s of a happy birdsong await. Hindsight our fairest friend in the kitchen guides us to explore and pair new combinations. I hope you enjoy this one and assure you it hits the spot, or connects the dots!?!

Bill Wattersman said,

"From now on, I'll connect the dots my own way."

I urge you to do the same!

Special Tip – Know your dots and invite new ones by exploring fresh seasonal produce every month. Rhubarb and venison are mighty favourites for me this month.

Alexandra’s Pear and Prosciutto Salad

Serves 4

Pears 4 Comice

Sweet freedom 30g

Balsamic 50ml

Star anise 4

Prosciutto 4 slices/ Gorgonzola 70g cut into cubes

Endive 1 finely sliced

Extra-virgin olive oil 1 tbsp

Beetroot 6 quartered

Mushrooms drained from 1 jar of antipasti

Black olives a handful

Coriander a handful

HEAT sweet-freedom, balsamic, 600ml water and star anise in a large saucepan.

PEEL pear and slice the base horizontally, so that they will stand on a plate.

LIGHTLY mix endive, Gorgonzola (if using) beetroot, mushrooms, coriander, olive oil and black olives.

SIMMER pears in balsamic glaze for 5 minute and drain, allow to cool.

BRUSH pear with olive oil and wrap prosciutto around the base of pears.

SPOON salad mix around the pears.

PURR in a pear like manner, this is truly delicious.

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