Friday, 28 January 2011

Saffron Saturday Start

Sweep into your Saturday along a golden road,
And welcome the banana beauty that’s soon to unfold.
Another weekend, a special day,
A time for joy and a day to play!
Wonderful Saturday, Saffron sweet,
In you there is mystery, an unfathomable treat!

These Saffron laced pancakes will give a golden glow to everything in your day. Saffron’s earthy hay like fragrance is unmistakable and is commonly used in Indian and Spanish recipes, two of my favourite cuisines. If spices were planets, saffron would be the sun. Saffron brightens our moods and its numerous health benefits make it a perfect ingredient to include at the start of any day, especially Saturday.

If our early decisions at the start of our day are full of self-love and kindness toward our bodies, well we’re in a good place to face the challenges of living in a sometimes, frenetic world. If in contrast we bid aurevoir to breakfast, um, “Houston we have a problem.” For giving ourselves a few moments to enjoy one of the most quiet and reflective parts of our day, with a delicious plate of gorgeous energy, which is indeed what good food gives us, we say hello to a reality where calm is present. So that if anything should go amiss, and chaos twirls her dizzying head, we’re strong enough to manage melodiously! Phew . . . .

“Fear knocked at the door. Faith answered. No one was there.”

This week I read that women, 5 in 10 in fact skip breakfast, in contrast 3 in 10 men! It got me thinking, I spoke with a few girlfriends and aside from make-up and getting children ready for school, no one seemed to have any other reasons. I’m a real believer in Breakfast, and think it’s something we should ALL experience everyday! 

Special tip - Make the batter the night before beautiful breakfast, left in the fridge over night, and ready for your ease to cook in the morning, you'll be glad you did, your day will blossom into a purple joy!

I hope you enjoy them and wish you a lovely and happy weekend!


Saffron Saturday Pancakes


Rice flour 100g
Egg, 1 medium
Banana, 1 peeled, and mashed
Milk 100ml
Saffron, 7 strands
Lemon juice, 1 tbsp
Sweet freedom 1 tbsp
Coconut oil for frying

SERVE - raspberries and passion fruit with the zest of an orange for extra golden zing!

WHISK in a bowl rice flour, egg, banana, milk and sweet freedom to form a smooth batter.
GRIND saffron in a pestle and mortar, to form a powder.
SPRINKLE over the batter and pour in lemon juice, stirring well.
HEAT frying pan, when hot add coconut oil, ½ tsp per pancake.
LADLE one spoonful of lovely batter into the pan.
FRY over a medium heat for two minutes, flip over and fry for a further minute.
LEAVE to one side in a warm place and repeat 3 more times as above with the remaining mixture.
SERVE with raspberries and passion fruit, with some honeyed Greek yogurt.
ZEST an orange and scatter generously. Vitamin C never felt so good!
GOLDEN starts to any day make it a happier one!


  1. Hello darling,

    Thank you for your lovely comments and thank you for your beautiful blog.

    My should cook your beloved a meal and serve it in nothing but a pair of high heels!

    Hee hee! Love ya darling! xxx

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