Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Cooking Incognito

A delicious dreamy moment awaits . . . . it takes minutes!
Like a bird flying for the first time,
Like fruit falling from a tree,
Like the time you knew it felt right,
Ah! These times are meant to be.

A wheel of Camembert! The ideal shape,
A cheese wonder, perfectly matched  by a grape!

Cooking incognito?
Try, go see and bake. xxx

Create in your Kithcen!
It’s an impossible task, Cooking Incognito, for everything we do, we are in some way linked. Our  special touch, our thoughts, our love, our way all make something that little bit different, unique, extraordinary even. Cooking, what we choose to cook, and how we choose to cook, reflects part of our deeper selves. In the kitchen we welcome an opportunity for peaceful times, through a methodical process, that is not only grounding but also an essential part of healthy everyday living, we celebrate life.

At the moment I’m doing jury service, it’s an eye-opener to another world, far from the warmth of my kitchen; instead a 1970’s décor holds the core of future, law, judgement and order, the paparazzi churlishly loiter outside ready to catch people in their demise or perhaps total relief. 

Cook with love and flow

It’s not appropriate for me to go into any detail, suffice to say that if you’re reading this now, isn’t it lovely to have freedom? And choice. I’m so thankful for that, it makes me feel like I have wings;-))

"He who neglects to drink of the spring of experience is likely to die of thirst in the desert of ignorance." - Ling Po

Feel free in the kitchen
Through  cooking often we nurture a sense of care and kindness, why? Because in our current modern world of convenience, why would we bother to cook otherwise? If not to express our love for others and ourselves? It baffles me why some Chefs turn into hard headed anger machines, for me cooking is about flow and is as fluid as the stream that meets the river, in the same way that the oil meets the pan, how we choose to respond to the rising sizzling heat, undoubtably effects the end result. Yes the kitchen gets hot, yes sometimes things reach boiling point, sometimes we need to try a recipe a few times to get that sense of flow, though afterwards the simplest joy is unveiled - a movement of scoop, and fork to mouth action brings harmonious nourishment.

I’m sharing a simple and absolutely gorgeous starter, or dessert? Depending on how you choose to dress it up, think choice, think happiness; for a savoury sensation with gentle though accomplished pear sweetness awaits. 
If the idea of cooking sometimes gives you a sense of trepidation or sends shiver down your spine, you’ll appreciate the gentleness and simplicity of this recipe. It’s wonderfully manageable and teases your taste buds from the moment you begin to unfold its majesty, providing you like this gem from France. The buttery and confidently delectable – Camembert.

In this recipe the mellow cheese is embraced by the fragrant light touch of dewy pear sweetness; a splash of my favourite Mirabelle plum jam and ten minutes in the oven, awaken an opulent ooze of magnificence that is worth savouring. A few tears of your favourite whole-wheat bread later and some great company, for goodness sake, do cheesy moments get any better than this? I’d love you to try this one, and find out.

Special tip – Choose Camembert that looks plump and is soft to the touch. Avoid wheels with cracked rinds; it’s a sure sign that the cheese didn’t age well. As with all cheese, Camembert is best enjoyed at room temperature, let it breathe a little before cooking with/ or eating, to air any scent of ammonia that may be present.
My husband and son mopped this joy up in minutes!
Before I say adieu, I’d like to thank everyone who got in touch about the pear pancakes, which were enjoyed by Margorit in Guatemala among other places! It brings joy to my heart to hear from you all.

Huge FF Hugs,


Incognito Pear Camembert

Serves 2-3 
Camembert wheel 250g
Mirabelle jam (St Dalfour) Gorgeous sugar free jam!  1 tbsp
Pear 1 cored peeled and diced
Bread to serve

PRE-HEAT oven to 180’c.
UN-WRAP Camembert from its packaging and place back in its wooden container.
SPREAD over Mirabelle jam.
SPRINKLE over pear.
BAKE in the oven for 12 minutes and surrender.
SERVE with torn pieces of whole-wheat bread.
SALUTE to freedom and happiness.


  1. Love the blog Sinead, new grapics (if thats the right word??;-) are very pretty, second photo's funny- demolished!! That's always a good sign.Love what you've wrote, the way you write is very calming and beautiful- much like yourself!! Take care sweetpea, keep up the fab work! luv yaxxx

  2. Thank you lovely Lady! Yep, it was a case of, "here today, gone tomorrow" instead in minutes! Thanks for your comments Angie. I'm feeling spring in the air, so wanted to show that on the blog too. The Camembert recipe is a real warmer, and as it's got colder again I think it's a seasonal winner, an essential bit of kitchen kit!! ;-)

    Huge hug,



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