Wednesday, 12 January 2011


“I tentatively sliced the golden crisp ball and a teasing ooze of milky mozzarella spilled over onto the avocado, trickling toward the coriander. Marvelous mozzarella, mindful I twirled my fork, wiped up some tomato juices, and enjoyed this golden moment.”

With the simplicity of three bowls, one with rice flour one with whisked eggs, and the third with whole-wheat breadcrumbs, you’re a few steps away from an almighty oozilicious wonder. 

Go dippy with dipping!
I love the simplicity of this recipe; it’s methodical and indulgent.  The dipping is sequential and calming – a smooth white ball transforms into a potentially golden moment in less than a minute.  Though even better still, like all good things, they are best prepared when given a rest;-) These beauties need at least an hour in the fridge to chill out! So you may find another golden moment! Gold is such a timeless colour, like classic dishes, that become woven in time, life should be full of some such moments.

our eyes are the windows to our soul
I’d say 
our mouths are the doors to our truth. 
Treat your door with golden TLC – and welcome healthy, nourishing and nurturing morsels.  Sometimes we eat the wrong things, are bodies tell us so. This year I’m listening more and urge you to do the same. When hunger calls, listen, eat well. Emotional eating is a different story, feeling full doesn’t happen. Often our Feelings signal deeper needs, embrace them, Feelings are a good thing;-))

Special tip – Whilst dipping your mozzarella, entertain happy thoughts – relish the repetition and know that our thoughts are the true bearers of our reality – watch them, pay attention and golden moments will abound!

For this recipe, you’ll be thankful for a food thermometer, it keeps it simple, instead of worrying whether or not the oil is hot enough, if you can’t get your hands on one, when you think the oil is hot enough, drop in a bread crumb, it should sizzle nicely. Baby mozzarella varies in size, so if it’s on the small size, use 16, though some brands seem like toddler mozzarella, in which case use 8. Adjust number of balls depending on the size of the mozzarella; I love - available from most supermarkets, 8 is plenty, though a few extras won’t go to waste!

What makes this sumptuous delight mouthwatering is the contrast of fresh flavours from the salad ingredients, don't be shy with your amounts here. Follow the recipe and add a few of your own favourite seasonal leaves and any other fruit and veg you think may work. 

Apparently women and men who eat plenty of fruits and vegetables everyday, look 2.1 years younger than those who don't. More importantly we feel better with balance - and trust it's all about Feeling Food!!!

Golden Mozzarella with tomato and avocado relish

Serves 4

Baby mozzarella, 16
Rice flour, 200g in a medium sized bowl
Eggs 3 large whisked in a medium sized bowl
Whole-wheat breadcrumbs 200g, in a medium sized bowl
Vegetable oil, 250ml
Beef tomatoes, 1 cut into chunks
Avocado, 2 de-stoned and cubed
Coriander, a small bunch, leaves only
Lemon, the juice of one

ROLL mozzarella balls in rice flour; this may be done in batches.
DIP them into whisked eggs, so that they’re wet all over.
ROLL over the breadcrumbs, to coat all over.
REPEAT the process and enjoy the transformation of a modest mozzarella towards crumbly gorgeousness.
PLACE all fully crumbed mozzarella onto a large plate/ tray and refrigerate for at least an hour.
HEAT oil to 140’C in a saucepan, minutes before ready to serve.
DEEP-FRY balls for 3 minutes, again you may do this in batches.
PLACE on kitchen towel.
MIX all salad ingredients and spoon them onto plate.
SERVE the golden wonders and enjoy majestically.


  1. Mmmm...I love mozzarella!Looks tasty,you've made me hungry again!! Will try this out vsoon!xxxx

  2. Hi Angie,

    I think this one will be a favourite! I remember your lovely pepper salad, with the bright orange peppers and avocado, that would be a perfect match for these too!



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