Friday, 21 January 2011

Pear Dreams

I feel a pear moment coming on! Upon waking, memories of distant dreams fade fast, they often do, nestling snugly back into our subconscious and so we welcome waking dreams instead and today mine happen to be pear dreams;-)
Have a pear for Breakfast

The moments before breakfast are very special indeed. Our tummies are tranquil and ready for refreshments; sipping tepid water with a squeeze of lemon is a perfect first greeter. First impressions count and this is no less true for our appetites, breakfast is like a booming bear hug for our bodies, filling us with warming energy. What we choose to eat or not eat effects the rest of our day hugely, so lets choose well.

Works a treat!
Today for breakfast I made these beauties. The idea for a simple, light, loving and cleansing breakfast has come full circle, the Pear Pancake has arrived! This is my favourite seasonal breakfast, I’m sure you’ll love them too. With my nifty corer the pear was like putty in my hands, if you come across one they're worth parting with few pounds, they make light work out of de-coring.  

After a few minutes of grating, whisking and frying, whoa, joy of joys! The fruity affair that ensued was mouth-watering and with a happy spoon of honeyed Greek yogurt and some favourite fruits later, mmm, a melody so gently sweet and soothing played its beautiful way through my taste buds.

“All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them.”

Walt Disney

He was an enigmatic creative, a maker of children's dreams. Our early experiences shape our relationship with the world, true for children, and now, in the same way, true for us in mornings! The way we treat ourselves is so important. Make time for breakfast, in doing so cravings, tiredness, snacking surreptitiously and dieting will fade into a distant faraway place, out of sight, out of mind!

Special tip – Our bodies bloom brightly when we eat plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables, pears are beautiful right now, and eating one alone is a better way of absorbing important nutrients rather than popping a pill. Pears cleanse our livers too! Choose fruit everytime!

Wishing you all a Happy Friday. If you make these over the weekend please let me know, I’d love to see a photo, post on the Feeling Food FB page.



Pear Pancakes
ooh these are delicious!
Rice flour 100g
Egg, 1 medium
Comice pear, 1 peeled, cored and grated
Milk 100ml
Sweet freedom 1 tbsp
Coconut oil for frying

WHISK in a bowl rice flour, egg, grated pear, milk and sweet freedom to form a smooth batter.
HEAT frying pan, when hot add coconut oil, ½ tsp per pancake.
LADLE one spoonful of lovely batter into the pan.
FRY over a medium heat for two minutes, flip over and fry for a further minute.
LEAVE in a warm place and repeat 3 more times as above with the remaining mixture.
SERVE with favourite fruits and some honeyed Greek yogurt.
ALL who eat these will be delighted.

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